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Planet Wallet
Planet Wallet is the official wallet of GBT Protocol. Maximize security and availability for your users. There will also be periodic wallet updates in line with the development of the GBT Protocol mainnet. The typical characteristics of Planet Wallet are as follows.
Orbits Network
The Orbits Network is GBT Protocol`s decentralized mainnet that draws a truly distributed P2P network by utilizing all idle computer resources that are wired/wirelessly connect. Transactions from Orbits Network are managed efficiently through Genesis Hoisting technology, which can process transactions simultaneously and quickly. In addition, Smart Contracts and Resource Files can be stored in separate portions into each node by using the distributed storage technology. Then, Defrag Function technology can recall each segment and execute in a streaming format.
DApp Store
The value of the mainnet depends on the number of DApp. Most DApp users come from existing application users, so GBT Protocol provides a familiar DApp Store for existing application users. Since the essential requirements to use DApp is the unrestricted storage space and transaction of tokens, DApp Store will be released on PC and mobile versions associated with other wallets and exchanges. The DApp Store is classified into various categories such as game, finance, social networking, media, health, education, music, etc. and the ranking system is based on an algorithm that comprehensively considers daily average number of users, satisfaction, transaction, and development.
Existing APPs and developers will have time and money to develop and apply the blockchain independently. However, if you use the software development kit (SDK) of the GBT Protocol, you can easily apply the blockchain to existing services. The SDK of GBT Protocol can be applied to more than 90% of existing APP services, and the SDK language provided is as.